WorldResearch: Tilted planets like Earth's could host complex life forms

Research: Tilted planets like Earth’s could host complex life forms

According to Forbes, The US Aerospace Agency (NASA) The findings of a new study he funded were presented at the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference.

The research revealed that planets orbiting their stars on a tilted axis are more likely to have oxygen in their atmospheres, which is key to life known to man.

Stephanie Olson of Purdue University, leader of the study team, said:AxisWorlds with reasonably inclined forwards are more likely to develop complex life. “This will help us limit our search for complex, perhaps even intelligent, life forms in the universe.”

During a sophisticated modeling study of the conditions for oxygen production on Earth, scientists discovered the effect of axial tilt on oxygen production.

During the modeling study, experts found that the Earth’s rotation speed slowed due to its axial tilt, the days were longer, the continents were developing, the surface pressure was increasing and the ocean currents were changing in a way that could increase oxygen production.

Astronomers think that the distance of a planet from its star indicates whether it is favorable for life.

A star in the Goldilocks Region in terms of its location. planetIt is assumed that there may be liquid water on the surface of the earth.

It is known that oxygen is critical for complex life forms such as plants and animals.

Earth’s axial tilt of 23 degrees also has a significant effect on the formation of the seasons.

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