India'Rescued two-and-a-half-year-old girl by breathing properly'; Minister Veena George called Sreeja...

‘Rescued two-and-a-half-year-old girl by breathing properly’; Minister Veena George called Sreeja on the phone


  • Health Minister calls nurse Sreeja Pramod
  • Congratulations to Health Minister Veena George.
  • Sreeja rescued the child by giving him a proper breath.

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George lauded the nurse for rescuing a two-and-a-half-year-old girl who was suffering from shortness of breath. The Minister congratulated Sreeja Pramod, a palliative nurse at Thrissur Nenmanikkara Family Health Center, over the phone.

In a Facebook post, the health minister thanked Sreeja for saving the life of an unconscious baby by giving him artificial respiration and then going to the quarantine as an example.

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“Our health workers are working day and night to save the lives of others without even looking after their own lives. Every health worker has a story to tell that we do not know during this cowardly period. The strength of the health department is their sincere efforts. “Sreeja realized that he needed to breathe. Covid forgot about the possibility of the baby’s life and gave artificial respiration for a while. Then the baby was taken to the hospital. The artificial respiration given by Sreeja helped the baby a lot.

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The Minister personally congratulated Pushpalatha, a Junior Public Health Nurse at Chengannur District Hospital, who vaccinated 893 people against Covid in seven and a half hours.
The minister had made it clear that a good teamwork was going on there. The team consists of JHIs Vineeth, Sreeraj, Sridevi, staff nurses Remya and Animol. Health Minister Veena George also congratulated them.

The allegations were strong as the incident, in which 893 people were vaccinated in seven and a half hours, became active in the news. The main allegation was that the instructions given regarding the distribution of the vaccine were not followed and that so many people were not vaccinated in a scientific manner. The question also arose as to how one could get so many vaccines in seven and a half hours. Puspalatha’s response was that the vaccine was given scientifically and that not so many vaccines were given for the record.

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“As part of the teamwork, we were able to vaccinate so many people. The vaccination team consisted of a team of eight people who helped speed up the vaccination. Vaccination took place over a period of time, and it only took about 20 seconds for a person to be vaccinated.

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