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Request not to print the photo… Virat wrote a post on social media on Vamika’s viral picture

Cape Town: Both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are very serious about their daughter. Born on January 11, 2021, Vamika is one year old, but till date, the couple had not shared a single photo of her on any social media platform.

For the first time, the world saw the first glimpse of Vamika (Virat Kohli Daughter Vamika First Picture) during the last ODI against South Africa on Sunday. The photo of cute Vamika in mom Anushka’s lap went viral, but it seems that Virat Kohli is not happy with it. That’s why he appealed to the fans including the media not to share it. Respecting this appeal of Virat, we have also decided not to print Vamika’s face.

Virat’s Instagram Story

On Instagram story, Virat wrote, ‘Hello guys… During yesterday’s match, our daughter’s pictures were captured in the stadium and then shared fiercely. We didn’t know that the camera was focused on us and our pictures were being captured. All of you are requested that please neither click nor print the photos of Vamika. The reason behind this is the same, which was told to you earlier. Thank you

In the viral picture, where Anushka was looking very beautiful in a black dress, Vamika was wearing a pink color dress. Her hair was made into a ponytail with a red ribbon. She is looking very cute. Fans on social media were telling Vamika a copy of Virat. She was being compared to Vamika by sharing the childhood photo of Cheeku.

Let us tell you that this hot couple thanked the paparazzi for not taking the picture recently. Vamika recently celebrated her first birthday as well. Talking about the match, despite Deepak Chahar’s stormy fifty, India lost the match by four runs.