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Relatives of those killed in the explosion in Beirut marched to the home of the Minister of Interior on the grounds that they ‘opposed the interrogation’

A group of relatives of those who lost their lives in the explosion at Beirut Port continued their protests in the capital yesterday, demanding that justice be manifested as respect for those who died.

The citizens, who gathered in Martyrs’ Square towards the evening and then marched in front of the Parliament building, reacted by shouting slogans that some of the deputies’ immunity was not lifted within the scope of the investigation.

Some of the group, who reached the Ministry of Interior in front of the parliament building and then the home of Interior Minister Fehmi in anger, managed to get past the security guards and enter the garden, but were then removed.

Activists, carrying photos of their relatives lost in the explosion in Beirut Port, protested that “Interior Minister Fehmi did not allow Chief of Police Abbas Ibrahim to be questioned as part of the investigation”.

A few of the activists, who were taken in after Minister Fehmi accepted the meeting, asked the minister not to oppose the questioning of the police officers.

Relatives of those killed in the explosion at Beirut Port stated that they will continue their protests to complete the investigation and reveal the truth.

The explosion and the investigation process in the Port of Beirut

On August 4, 2020, in the Port of Beirut, a fire broke out in a warehouse containing explosives, and then a very powerful explosion occurred that shook the entire city. It was announced that approximately 200 people died in the explosion, more than 6 thousand people were injured and 300,000 people were displaced due to the explosion.

President Michel Avn said that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, which had been kept in a warehouse in the port for 6 years, caused the explosion.

Judge Fadi Savvan, who investigated the explosion, called Prime Minister Hassan Diyab, former Finance Minister Ali Hasan Halil, former Ministers of Public Works and Transport Gazi Zuaytir and Yusuf Finyanus “negligence and negligence that caused the death and injury of hundreds of people” on 10 December. accused him.

The accusation of Prime Minister Diab and former ministers of “neglect of duty” has been the subject of debate in the country.

At the request of the former Finance Minister Khalil and the former Minister of Public Works and Transport Zuaytir, the Lebanese Court of Appeal took over the task of investigating the explosion in the Port of Beirut from Judge Savvan.

On February 20, two days after the decision of the Court of Appeal, Minister of Justice Marie-Claude Najm appointed Judge Bitar to investigate.

After Judge Bitar took office, 13 of those detained as part of the investigation, including 6 on April 15 and 7 on June 23, were released.

The Lebanese judiciary finally requested the Parliament to lift the immunity of 3 deputies on July 2 and announced that some police officials would be questioned.

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