IndiaReferring to the Birbhum violence, Roopa Ganguly started crying in the Rajya...

Referring to the Birbhum violence, Roopa Ganguly started crying in the Rajya Sabha, said- first broke her arms and legs, then she was locked in the room and burnt

new Delhi : Ruckus in the Rajya Sabha on Friday over the issue of alleged violence in West Bengal’s Birbhum, which led to adjournment of the House at 11:54 am till 12.10 am. Roopa Ganguly of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) raised the issue under zero hour and got emotional and demanded imposition of President’s rule in West Bengal. Raising the issue of Bengal violence, Ganguly said that discussing what she is trying to say about West Bengal makes her bow her head in disgust. He said eight people, including two children, were burnt to death in Birbhum district. He said that no one has any faith in the state police.

‘Burned by fire’
Ganguly said, “The councilor dies in Jhalda… 26 murders happen within seven days… 26 political murders… have been put to an end by burning with fire.” The post-mortem report has revealed that first everyone’s hands and legs were broken and then locked in the room and burnt. He said, ‘… there people are running one by one. The people there are not in a condition to live. West Bengal is a part of India. We… Roopa Ganguly want President’s rule. We have the right to live. Being born in West Bengal is not a crime. This cannot be a crime.’ And saying this she started crying.

TMC members created a ruckus
Trinamool Congress members strongly opposed this and a ruckus started. During this there was a heated argument between the members of BJP and Trinamool Congress. Amidst the uproar, Deputy Chairman Harivansh called the name of Biju Janata Dal’s Mamta Mohanta for raising issues related to public importance under special mention. In the midst of the uproar, Mamta raised her issue but she could not be heard. The Deputy Chairman appealed to the rioting members to remain calm. Not seeing the effect of his words, he adjourned the proceedings at 11:54 pm till 12.10 pm.