WorldR&D support to industrialists for the production of materials in criminal investigations

R&D support to industrialists for the production of materials in criminal investigations

criminal Fixtures and consumables used in inspections and imported from abroad SAHA EXPO Defense and Aviation Hybrid FairThe Forensic Department of the General Directorate of Security provides R&D support to industrialists for the domestic and national production of these products.

Fingerprint materials used in criminal investigations, personal protective equipment, wide-area lighting lamp, rechargeable handheld projector, portable UV flashlight, crime scene investigation bag, multi-wavelength light source, trace shooting at the stand of the Criminal Department at the fair in Istanbul Expo Center. stand (reprostad), “ninhydrin” and “super glue” cabinets.

İsmail Şahin, Head of the Crime Scene Investigation Branch of the General Directorate of Security, Criminal Department, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they imported products at the fair to minimize foreign dependency, under the foresight and leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, under the direction of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, within the scope of the national development move. explained that they introduced the materials to domestic producers.

Stating that they have made many of the products imported in the past domestic and national now, Şahin stated that these products are of higher quality and a competitive environment is provided in Europe.

Pointing out that the imported products are now being exported, Şahin said, “We show some of the fixtures and consumables we import to our industrialists and companies here. After promoting the materials we have produced and imported before, the entrepreneurs said, ‘Yes, I can do that.’ He says. We give them all kinds of R&D support. We really have people and engineers in our country who can do this.” said.

Talking about the features of the criminal investigation tool at the fair, Şahin said that the vehicle, which was immediately transferred to the scene when the crime occurred, gave information in a short time as to who or by whom the crime was committed, thanks to its technical equipment.

Explaining that by giving this information to the investigators, they ensured the arrest of the suspect, Şahin said:

“All the products we use here are domestic and national. Experts from Europe said, ‘How did you make this vehicle based on what?’ They say. Right now, we are giving lectures to Europe on the subject, both with experience and knowledge. Ballistic and chemical research can be done inside our vehicle. There are fume hoods related to this. There is a drone system in it. When we go to an event, we can now take the view of the scene from the air. All kinds of inside. We have kits to detect the direction of the shot. For example, it can be a residence, workplace or a vehicle. When a bullet hits, we can work on the direction from which that bullet came and who did it by bringing our vehicle to the scene. Our vehicle has a 360-degree camera system that can see everywhere. We can also identify the person he sees. The fixtures and kits inside are tools and equipment made by our industrialists with domestic and national resources.”

Şahin added that they are ready to support industrialists and companies in all R&D studies in order to reduce foreign dependency, develop the country and increase employment within the scope of the national development move.

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