SportsRayo Vallecano is a joy

Rayo Vallecano is a joy

Ray wins and enjoys. Cádiz got rid of it, after overcoming all the problems posed by a stone rival, to settle in the noble zone of the classification, fifth with thirteen points after seven days. The Vallecano team has five days without losing, in four of them they won. And please leave details of equipment. The boys that Andoni Iraola prepares play football in the same category as their coach in his short career. It will be interesting to attend to his evolution on the benches.


The two goals from Rayo arrived on two excursions to the bottom line, a detail that alerts them to their arguments. The first, as soon as the game dawned, was delicious, woven in a small plot on the left flank of the rear of Cádiz, through which the Pacha Espino, who is not just anybody. From there Trejo left in advantage to place a cross that Falcao finished off at the near post. Cádiz defended him as best he could, but Álvaro García arrived to clinch the net.

Cadiz tied, which never gives up and knows how to exploit its strengths. On set pieces he has one. An infraction in the spinal cord is a scoring opportunity for Cádiz because one center is enough for guys like Jonsson to emerge and with a touch to dislodge the more attentive rear. The Armenian Haroyan took advantage of it to tie and inconvenience the Ray who had to increase the frequency of his strokes. There is a lot to row to overcome Cádiz.

Everything was cleared up for the locals before the break. The psychological goal arrived, another combinatorial delight to enter the heart of the yellow area. On this new occasion, lateral Balliu did it. Falcao finished off again at the near post and the ball went to the net without intermediaries.

The match then put both teams to the test. There was ferocity, collisions, elbows and head butts, blood. Cádiz suffered to stay in the game, it did so through the mediation of Ledesma, feline before two heads of Isi and Falcao. Rayo must have closed the victory, it did not and from the Cádiz bench the bet was varied. Álvaro Cervera filled the field with attackers. Iraola put physical. Cádiz rebelled and the party changed. Espino finished off the post and the final 20 agonizing minutes opened for Rayo to claim victory. Until Isi sentenced everything with a subtlety that slipped through the squad, the flag goal that the game deserved.

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