WorldRare silver coins found in Israel, buried several feet in the ground

Rare silver coins found in Israel, buried several feet in the ground

Tel Aviv
Archaeologists in Israel have discovered thousand-year-old silver coins. These coins were buried several feet below in a field in the central Israeli city of Modin-Macabim-Reut. The Israel Antiques Authority (IAA) has dated these silver coins to the Hasmonean period. The Hasmonean dynasty ruled present-day Israel between 140 BC and 37 BC.

found a treasure trove of silver coins
According to the report, researchers from the Israel Antiques Authority were exploring a cultivated land when they saw something in the cracks of the stone. When they excavated around it, they found silver coins (tetradram and didram) of shekel and half shekel. The shekel is the currency of Israel. Currently the price of 1 shekel is Rs 23.26.

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These coins were minted in Lebanon
These silver coins were minted in the Tire City of present-day Lebanon. These coins bore the portrait of King Antiochus VII, also known as Antiochus the Pius. King Antiochus VII ruled the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire. Many coins also had a picture of King Hellenistic’s brother Demetrius II.

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The treasure was hidden for later use
Avram Tenderer of the Israel Antiquities Authority said the coins were proof that the property owners saved their income for months before they left the house for some unknown reason. He collected the money in hopes of coming back and using it, but unfortunately never returned. It’s exciting to think that these coins waited here for over 2,000 years until we uncovered it.

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Bronze coins also found
This team has also discovered several bronze coins minted by the Hasmonean rulers. The titles of John, Judah, Jonathan, and Matthias are also mentioned on these coins as head of the Jewish kingdom and chief priest. The year of rebellion from the empire is stamped on these coins.