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Rapists will be impotent with drugs, the bill was approved in the Pak parliament

Own report: The government of Pakistan took stern action against those involved in heinous acts like rape. The Imran Khan government is bringing strict laws to prevent such crimes. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2021 was approved by the Pakistan Parliament.

As a punishment for those rapists, it has been said that people involved in multiple rapes will be castrated with drugs (Chemical Castration). Their sexual ability will be reduced. When the bill was introduced in the Pakistan Parliament on Wednesday, it was opposed by Jamaat-i-Islami Senator Mustaq Ahmed. He claimed that this law is against Sharia. Although he is in favor of hanging the rapists in public. But opposes impotence. 2020 Pakistani President Arif Alvi signs the Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020. There was mention of castration through chemical castration or medicine.

Earlier, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had explained the need for the bill. He said the public execution of rapists was not acceptable in the international arena. That is why the punishment of impotence with the help of drugs (Chemical Castration).

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