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Rahul Tewatia Sixes Video: Gujarat Titans vs Punjab Kings – See how Tewatia made the team win by hitting two consecutive sixes

Mumbai: Gujarat Titans defeated Punjab Kings by six wickets in the 16th match of the Indian Premier League 2022. Gujarat scored 189 for nine at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai on Friday. Rahul Teotia gave his team victory by hitting a six off the last ball for Gujarat. The thrill was at its peak in the last over. Read the story of that last over when every ball was turning the tide of the match.

In the last over, Gujarat needed 19 runs to win. David Miller was also present along with captain Hardik Pandya at the crease. The match could have gone either way. The thrill increased with every ball of this over. The match turned the dice with every ball. Sometimes on one side and sometimes on the other. But in the end, victory was of the one who controlled the heartbeat. Kept eyes and held hands.

first ball of the over
Odeon Smith – to David Miller. Wide. Wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow was not happy with this. It was a good length ball that pitched on the middle stump and got outside. Miller let it go. He was expecting the same result.

19.1- Smith to Miller
Out. Pandya run out. Gujarat did not need it at all. It was also a good length ball. Miller tried to play a shot at him but missed. The ball went into the glove of the wicketkeeper. Pandya wanted to steal the run. He ran. But Bairstow was ready. He threw the ball towards the under-arm wicket. Pandya returned to the pavilion after scoring 27 runs in 18 balls. He hit 5 fours in his innings.

19.2 Smith’s next ball to new batsman Rahul Teotia. This left-handed batsman slides the ball towards the off-stump. one run.

19.3- to smith miller
Four runs – Gujarat needed it a lot. Smith bowls a slow ball. Short pitched ball to middle stump. Miller pulled him up.

19.4- Smith next ball to Miller, 1 run. A short back-of-the-length ball, Miller played it straight into the hands of the bowler. Teotia ran for the run. Run completed.

Two balls and 12 runs needed. The victory of Punjab seemed certain from here. Two sixes were needed off both the balls.

19.5- Smith Tewatia co-six. Amazing shot. First of two hit six. Tewatiya got lucky. The fielder was constantly retreating at deep midwicket. For a second the ball had come in his hands. But he could not keep his balance and fell. Simultaneously cross the boundary line on the ball.

19.6- Last ball 6 runs needed. Another six. Gujarat made the impossible possible. Two consecutive sixes and the match in his fist. The ball was full outside the off stump. Tewatia sends him outside long on the boundary. You call it Dhoni or Lance Klusener. This player gave after finishing the match. Two sixes were needed off two balls and he did it. He looked with his swag towards the dressing room. You must have seen six runs on the last ball being made many times, but it is rare to see the team winning by hitting two consecutive sixes.

Tewatia has a longstanding love for Punjab. Remember, playing for Rajasthan, he had won his team by hitting five sixes in an over. Sheldon Cortrell was bowling at the time. Tewatia seems to have a special affinity for the West Indian bowlers of Punjab.