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Rahul not to take over party presidency? Report that he may not contest in the organizational elections


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Jaipur: It has been reported that Rahul Gandhi may not contest for the post of Congress president in the forthcoming general elections. According to 24 News, Rahul Gandhi has told some senior leaders that he does not want to take over the party chairmanship and remain at the helm of the party. The latest move comes during the Congress-led Maharali in Jaipur.

The Congress plans to launch a major campaign at the national level amid rising inflation in the country. This will be preceded by a rally in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and others will attend the function. The move by the Congress Maharali is aimed at reviving the BJP by raising strong protests against it. According to media reports, some leaders had asked Rahul Gandhi to energize the workers if he announced his return to the Congress presidency during the event. However, Rahul Gandhi reportedly rejected the demand and informed the leaders that he would not be taking over the party presidency.

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Rahul Gandhi’s response comes just months before the Congress general elections. Rahul Gandhi’s stance is a setback for leaders who are close to the Gandhi family and Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Many leaders have long demanded that Rahul return to the presidency as Sonia Gandhi has been the caretaker president for two years. There were reports that Rahul Gandhi might return to the Congress presidency in the wake of the Congress organizational elections.

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The Congress plans to strengthen the party and strengthen the leadership of the opposition by holding organizational elections ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. But sectarianism within the party in various states is a challenge to the Congress.

At the same time, Mamata Banerjee is trying to overtake the Congress to become the Leader of the Opposition and improve her presence across the country. Led by political strategist Prashant Kishore, the Trinamool is trying to bring in Congress leaders from various states and form alliances with opposition parties similar to the BJP. The illness of Sonia Gandhi, the caretaker chairperson, has given a boost to Mamata’s hopes.

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