IndiaRahul Gandhi: Bring them in, take them out... Has Rahul Gandhi started...

Rahul Gandhi: Bring them in, take them out… Has Rahul Gandhi started making his new team?


  • Is Rahul Gandhi busy in forming his new team?
  • Congress has identified about a dozen youth leaders from different states.
  • Rahul Gandhi’s contribution is believed to be in the developments of Punjab.

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In July, while addressing a meeting of his party’s social media department, Rahul Gandhi had said – “There are many people who are not afraid… are outside Congress… bring them in and those who are afraid of us here.” , take them out… let’s go brother. Belong to the RSS, go run, have fun. Don’t want, don’t need you. We need fearless people. This is our ideology. He seems to have taken a step towards what Rahul Gandhi had said. He is now trying to form a new team. He wants to take election strategist Prashant Kishor in the party. There have been several rounds of talks with Prashant Kishor. Recently, he also met Kanhaiya Kumar. This meeting is important in the sense that in Kanhaiya Kumar, the Left is looking at its future, but there is talk of Kanhaiya joining the Congress. Kanhaiya Kumar wants to increase the scope of his politics against BJP. He has not found himself comfortable in the CPI for quite some time. Jignesh Mevani, who is called the Dalit face of Gujarat, is also in touch with Rahul Gandhi to join the Congress. Similarly, about a dozen youth leaders from different states have been identified by the Congress, with whom dialogue is going on at some level these days.

Why was it needed?
When Rahul Gandhi stepped forward to take over the leadership of the party, the youth brigade representing different states within the party was named Team Rahul. Rahul had very friendly relations with most of the faces in this young brigade. Because of this, this team became very effective within a party. On different occasions, Rahul also gave them a chance to move forward. But suddenly most of the faces of his team chose their different paths. Jyotiraditya Scindia left Congress and went to BJP and became a minister at the Centre. Jitin Prasad also saw his future in BJP and left Congress. Sushmita Dev also left Congress and joined TMC. Sachin Pilot was almost gone but luck did not support him and he could not cross the boundary. It is also said about Milind Deora that everything is not going well for him too. Questions were raised on Rahul Gandhi after the members of Team Rahul left the party one by one. Kapil Sibal did not delay in tweeting on Sushmita Dev leaving the party. He had written- ‘Sushmita Dev’s resignation from the primary membership of our party, when the youth leave, the old people are blamed for the efforts to strengthen it. The party keeps going. Close your eyes.

‘Have to keep fulfilling the promises made to the people of Punjab’, Rahul Gandhi congratulates Channi
His decision on Captain
Rahul Gandhi’s contribution is also considered to be a big contribution in the developments in Punjab in the recent past. For a long time, Rahul was having a conflict with the Captain, but every time he had to drag his feet due to the fear of the Captain leaving the party. In 2013, Rahul Gandhi appointed Pratap Singh Bajwa as the state Congress president to prepare an alternative to the captain. But before the 2017 elections, he had to be removed due to the insistence of the Captain. The Captain had even threatened to leave the party at that time. Rahul Gandhi could not believe whether the election could be won without the captain or not? The same was observed in the case of Sidhu. For four and a half years, the Captain did not give any importance to Sidhu, who was inducted into the party on the promise of giving due respect in the party. It is said that in a meeting of the top level recently, Rahul Gandhi openly said that no one can go out of discipline in the party. Anyone who wants to leave the party can go but because of his fear, no one else can be allowed to do so at will. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi has got to learn a lot from the old team. In forming a new team, Rahul Gandhi is showing more interest in adding a person who is strong on the basis of ideology.

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