India'Rahul Gandhi addicted to drugs'; Karnataka BJP president accused

‘Rahul Gandhi addicted to drugs’; Karnataka BJP president accused


  • Rahul Gandhi accused of being a drug dealer
  • The reference was made at a meeting of BJP workers
  • The allegation was made in Hubli

Bangalore: Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has been accused by the Karnataka BJP president of being a drug dealer and a drug addict. BJP president Nalin Kumar Katil came out with the allegation after the Karnataka Congress tweeted against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“What value do you have? Sonia Gandhi says she is the AICC president. Leaders want Rahul to be president. Who is Rahul Gandhi? He is a drug dealer and a drug addict. I am not saying this, it has been reported once. How can such people lead the party?” Katil alleged.

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“This is your story. Your national president is out on bail, and your national vice president is out on bail. He should be in jail, but he asked the court for bail.” Katil said this at a meeting of BJP workers in Hubli.

The Congress has demanded an apology from the BJP president following the controversy over the statement.

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“His ignorance and language style are shocking. He should be reprimanded and expelled by the BJP.” Acting AICC Secretary for Tamil Nadu Dinesh Gundu Rao said. Rao said Modi and Amit Shah were encouraging such people across the country.

The Karnataka Congress had tweeted yesterday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was illiterate. The Congress used the term ‘Ankuta Chap’ to describe Modi as illiterate. DK Sivakumar came out with a statement of regret following the widespread protests and clarified that the tweet had been withdrawn.

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