WorldRadio Signals: Radio signals from outside the solar system!

Radio Signals: Radio signals from outside the solar system!

Own report: How life was transmitted to the earth has always been a big question. Or whether life exists somewhere outside the world is also a big question. The answers to these questions are still unclear. However, the constant research of astronomers has created a situation where the answers to all these questions have come close.

For example, astronomers have recently discovered stars that give off radio waves. Through these waves, the star also indicates the existence of planets around it. It is known that all these radio waves are caught in the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR), the most powerful radio antenna in the world. The Netherlands has this powerful radio antenna.

It is learned that all these signals were observed by Benjamin Pope of the University of Queensland and his colleagues at the Dutch National Observatory. These radio waves have been identified coming from 19 red dwarf stars. At least four of these stars are well defined by the position of the planets orbiting them. Scientists say that the planets in the solar system send powerful radio waves, as everyone knows. That being said, when the magnetic fields of these planets are exposed to solar storms, radio waves are generated. However, the radio waves that explode outside our ‘Hour Solar System’ and through which the existence of other planets are known, have been re-discovered.

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