IndiaRadha Krishna adorned with jewelery of one billion, protection of 100 soldiers,...

Radha Krishna adorned with jewelery of one billion, protection of 100 soldiers, see the grandeur of the temple of Scindia royal family on Janmashtami


  • Gopal temple in Gwalior is decorated on Janmashtami
  • Radha Krishna is wearing jewelery worth Rs 100 crore in Gopal Mandir
  • Scindia Raj family has built this temple
  • The royal family has also made ornaments for God.

Himansh Sharma

Janmashtami (Janmashtami News Update) is being celebrated with full pomp in MP. At the same time, Radha-Krishna is adorned with precious jewels in the historic Gopal Mandir of Gwalior. These jewelery made of diamonds, gold and precious stones are worth more than one billion rupees in today’s date. It is brought under tight security from the bank on the day of Janmashtami. 100 Gwalior Police personnel are stationed here under security till the jewelery remains in the temple premises.

This year also the work of decorating Gopal Mandir has started. From twelve o’clock in the night, devotees have started reaching here to see the divine form of Bhagwan. In view of safety, devotees are not allowed to go to the sanctum sanctorum. Devotees wait for a whole year to see this form of the Lord. Seeing the brilliance of the priceless jewelry, people’s eyes do not take away. The team of Navbharat brings to you a report from Ground Zero on the grandeur of the temple.

Scindia dynasty has built the temple
The grand Gopal temple located in the Phulbagh area of ​​Gwalior has been built by the Scindia dynasty. The then Maharaj Madhaurao of the Scindia royal family got this temple renovated in 1921. Along with this, precious jewelery was made for the makeup of God. Seeing before independence, the temple was near the Scindia royal family. After independence, the Scindia family handed over the temple and its ornaments to the Government of India. After this, the Municipal Corporation has kept these ornaments in the bank’s locker.


makeup started in 2007
For many years no one knew about these ornaments. In 2007, the then Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Pawan Sharma got information about this property. After this he gathered information about these ornaments. After that he started the tradition of makeup on Janmashtami.

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Officers are present during makeup
The ornaments are brought from the bank to Gopal Mandir amidst tight security. During the makeup, officers of the municipal corporation and administration are present. The deity is adorned only in his presence. After this the temple door is opened for the devotees to see.

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Lord Krishna wears a gold crown
Lord Krishna is dressed in a golden crown in the Gopal temple. In this crown, ruby, topaz and gems are placed between the jadau. There are also precious pearls and gems as well. The strings of gold strings are also for God. A gold necklace of seven strings is also worn to the Lord. It also has diamonds, pearls and emeralds attached to it. The flute is also of gold, with emerald studded. The priest of the temple said that the crowns of Radha-Krishna are very heavy.

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Radha-Rani’s makeup is done with these ornaments
At the same time, there are separate ornaments for Radha-Rani too. He is also wearing a gold crown. There are gems of precious gems in it. Gold nath, five thread necklace, in which precious gems are studded. Also Radha Rani wears gold bangles and kanthi. During this, devotees are enchanted to see the supernatural form of Radha Rani in the temple.

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100 jawans will be deployed in security
Talking to Navbharat, Gwalior SP Amit Sanghi said that in Gopal Mandir, adornment is done with precious jewellery. He said that earlier the ornaments were kept in the treasury. Now it is kept in the Central Bank of Inderganj. These ornaments are removed from there during the day. The bank opens specially for this at night, the same day it is deposited in the night. He said that the police personnel are engaged in security. Along with this, the soldiers also walk in civil dress. These ornaments are brought from the bank to the temple with full security arrangements. This time 100 soldiers will be deployed for security in the temple premises.

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CCTV camera surveillance

Thousands of devotees visit Gopal temple on the occasion of Janmashtami. In such a situation, along with the security of the police personnel, the entire temple complex is also monitored with CCTV cameras. As long as the ornaments remain in the Gopal temple, there is a tight security arrangement. Every visitor is monitored.

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