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Question Kavya Madhavan with Balachandra Kumar; Audio between Sooraj and the doctor is out

Kochi: In the case of the attack on the actress, more audio recordings have been released for Dileep. Asianet News has leaked a phone conversation on behalf of Dileep alleging that his sister-in-law was influencing Dr Hyderali, a witness in the Suraj case. In the conversation, Dileep is asked to testify in his favor.

Dileep claims that he was admitted to a hospital in Aluva when the actress was attacked. But the investigation team found that this was incorrect. Dr. Hyderali had earlier stated that Dileep was not admitted. According to Asianet, Sooraj was asked to correct the statement in a phone conversation.

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Sooraj said that when the doctor said that the documents were in the hands of the police, the evidence was irrelevant and the statement given to the court was more important. An audio recording of Kavya Madhavan’s role in the conspiracy was released yesterday. The audio recording between Sooraj and Sarath hints at this. According to the conversation, Dileep later took over the work that Kavya was supposed to give to her friends.

Meanwhile, Kavya Madhavan will be questioned along with director Balachandra Kumar, who made a crucial revelation in the case. Balachandra Kumar has been directed to appear at the Aluva Police Club on Monday for questioning Kavya, Asianet News reported. It is reported that the audio clips provided by Balachandrakumar are among the evidence against Kavya.

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The probe team has asked Kavya Madhavan to appear at the police club on Monday at 11 pm. The interrogation is based on Balachandra Kumar’s revelations and digital evidence.

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