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Queen Elizabeth II: What is the wish associated with the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which created a sensation

Queen Elizabeth II: Due to the disclosure of a written document of wishes related to the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, it has become a topic of discussion among the people. What are the rituals that the queen wants her to perform posthumously?

New Delhi. Queen Elizabeth II: Generally we all have a curiosity to know things related to eminent persons or royalty. And every little thing related to them can create excitement.

A similar thing remains the subject of discussion about the 95-year-old ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ of Britain, who ruled the longest in British history. In fact, a document description written by Queen Elizabeth has appeared in which she wrote the process of burial after her death. In this document, the queen has written how to be buried after her death. However, Buckingham Raj Bhavan officials did not comment on this.

The Queen has expressed her desire that the day of her death should be officially known as ‘D Day’ and that the death day of Queen Elizabeth II be declared a national holiday and a national day of mourning by the Prime Minister.

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The rituals and security arrangements to be performed during the last farewell have also been written by the Queen in this document. Apart from this, the Queen has also written in the description that her dead body should be kept in Parliament for 3 days and not buried for 10 days after death. First her eldest son Prince Charles announces the Queen’s death throughout Great Britain, after which Queen Elizabeth’s funeral rites begin.

When this news comes out, curiosity is arising in everyone’s mind that what arrangements will be made after the death of the queen? And what kind of conditions can be seen in Britain at that time? How will the crowd of hundreds gathered in that mourning atmosphere be controlled? There is also speculation about the lack of food on the death of the queen.