WorldQuadriplegic Cuban opponent stands to ask Raúl Castro for medical attention

Quadriplegic Cuban opponent stands to ask Raúl Castro for medical attention

Cuban opponent Héctor Pupo Quiala, who suffers from a group of diseases and is also a quadriplegic, is “planted” in front of the entrance to Cayo Saetía, waiting to be treated by a government official close to Raúl Castro Castro.

Pedro Quiala, also an activist, explained that his cousin decided to go to the Castro Ruz rest area and demand dignified medical attention that is responsive to his needs.

“As there is no official who takes care of the sick on the island, Héctor decided to stand up and wait for the dictator Raúl to go to Saetía to celebrate with his family,” he said through a video on Facebook.

The relative of the opponent was concerned for his health and physical integrity, since State Security officials could do anything to his cousin, who suffers from hypertension, has generalized osteoarthritis and other diseases that do not receive treatment.

“Thanks to the dissent, my cousin receives some medicine and aid, because if it is because of the government, he dies,” Quiala denounced.

After his video, another social media user who identified himself as Julio César Góngora affirmed that Pupo Quiala was mistreated by State Security while he was waiting for someone from the government to attend to him.

At the time of writing this information CiberCuba he had not been able to contrast this information with other family and official sources.

Héctor Pupo Quiala, 32, testified to CubaNet In 2021, his greatest desire was to live without pain, since the illnesses he suffers from cause him many discomforts.

“I don’t know what it is to not feel pain. What is a day, a minute, a second without him. I want to do something and I can’t. Sitting, bathing or doing my physiological needs is difficult for me. I have to do everything with pain ”, he confessed.

Due to the lack of treatment and medicines, the femurs are glued to the hips, their knees do not stretch well and their feet are stiff, which is why they demand prioritized attention from the Cuban authorities, in the midst of the health crisis and the shortage of drugs, which put their own life at risk.

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