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Qatar plane landed in Kabul, where Taliban talks with leaders of Panjshir failed

With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, Kabul Airport remained the home of American soldiers till the end. People trapped in the country kept trying to escape after saving their lives. America was responsible for its security and now after his departure, Qatar has landed the first aircraft here. According to reports, the Taliban had requested for this and Qatar has sent this help to and from the country for humanitarian assistance.

Actually, a technical team from Qatar has come to the airport to start operations. On the other hand, the situation is still not clear due to the failure of talks between the Taliban and the leaders of the Northern Alliance engaged in Panjshir Valley.

‘Don’t support the war’
Mullah Amir Khan Motaki, on behalf of the Taliban, has told that talks with tribal elders and leaders in Panjshir have failed. He has asked the people of the province to inspire their leaders. He has said that it is unfortunate that when the whole of Afghanistan is together, Panjshir is still protesting. He has appealed to the people not to support such forces which want war.

Afghan citizens standing on the border of other countries
People have started reaching the border after the closure of the way to Kabul airport to leave Afghanistan. Now they are trying to escape the Taliban’s shadow through the borders with Iran, Pakistan and Central Asian countries. According to a Pakistani official, people are standing on the Afghan side of the Torkham border waiting for the gates to open and let them in. At the same time, there is a crowd of thousands at the Islam Kala Post related to Iran.

Closed Kabul Airport


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