WorldQatar hosts first-ever parliamentary elections

Qatar hosts first-ever parliamentary elections

In the first elections in the history of Qatar to the Mejlis of Ash-Shura (an advisory council with parliamentary functions), none of the women candidates were able to win. At the same time, the turnout at voting in the advisory council was 63.5 percent.

As reported by the Qatari news agency QNA, the Committee for Oversight of Elections to the Mejlis of Ash-Shura announced the names of 30 candidates who won the elections, held for the first time in the history of the Middle East country.

The day before, elections to the Mejlis of Ash-Shura were held in Qatar. Of the 45 Advisory Board seats, 234 candidates, 26 of whom were women, competed for 30.

Previously, all candidates for the assembly were appointed by the Emir of Qatar. However, within the framework of democratic endeavors, 30 deputies who will have to take the seat on the Council will be elected by the people of Qatar, and 15 members will be appointed by the emir.

Elections to the Mejlis of Ash-Shura are considered a step towards increasing public participation in the political process in the country and part of efforts to strengthen democracy.

The Mejlis of Ash-Shura acts as a legislative body under the leadership of the Council of Ministers. At the meetings, draft laws, general political and economic policies, the country’s budget and recommendations on these issues are discussed.

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