WorldPutschists in Guinea made a statement on TV

Putschists in Guinea made a statement on TV

The military in Guinea, who reportedly arrested 83-year-old President Alpha Conde, issued a statement of the military coup on state-run RTG.

The head of Guinea’s special forces (GFS), Colonel Mamadi Dumbuya, announced the suspension of the constitution, the dissolution of the government and state institutions, and the intention to prepare a draft new constitution with the participation of the country’s citizens in the near future.

According to Dumbuyi, the military has decided to close the air and land borders. He added that work will soon begin to form a transitional government.

The whereabouts of President Alfa Sonda are still unknown.

In another video circulated on social networks, Conde himself appears, he is in a room with military personnel and looks haggard.

Earlier on Sunday, shots rang out outside the presidential palace in Guinea’s capital, Conakry.

According to local media reports, a burst of automatic weapons was heard at 08:00 local time in the Calum area, where the presidential palace and administrative buildings are located.

French newspaper Jeune Afrique reported on a coup attempt by Guinean Special Forces (GFS).

It is reported that the head of the GFS, Colonel Mamadi Dumbuya, previously called on the special forces to abandon subordination to the Ministry of Defense and become an independent structure.

Dumbuya was appointed head of the GFS in 2018 after serving in the French Foreign Legion.

The first democratic change of government in Guinea since the country’s independence in 1958 took place in 2010. Alpha Conde won the presidential elections in December 2010.

On July 19, 2011, an attempted coup d’état against President Condé was launched in the country, and his residence came under rocket fire.

Condé was re-elected as president in 2015.

Condé’s second term expired in December 2020, and, according to the law, he could not run for a third term.

In March 2020, a constitutional amendment referendum was held, which allowed Condé to be elected for a third time.

The 83-year-old Condé’s candidacy for a third presidential term has been the subject of much debate in the country.

President Condé was re-elected for a third term on October 18, 2020, receiving 59.49 percent of the vote.

In a country where the president can hold office for a maximum of two consecutive terms, a referendum was held on March 22, 2020 on constitutional changes that allowed Conda, whose second term ended in December 2020, to move to a third term.

Condé’s candidacy for a third term has become the most talked about topic in the country in recent months.

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