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Putin’s Murder: Plot to assassinate Putin! A Kremlin official can give poison, fearing 1000 employees were sacked

Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin is ‘restless’ after the attack on Ukraine. According to reports, he has hidden his family in a mysterious underground city for fear of a possible nuclear attack. Putin’s fear has grown so much that he has fired 1000 of his personal staff because he thinks they may kill him by poisoning. One report said that Putin has replaced hundreds of his personal staff out of fear.

This includes Putin’s cooks, secretaries, laundry workers and bodyguards, according to the Dailystar news. Russo-Ukraine has been at war for the last 26 days and the Ukrainian capital Kyiv is still under the control of the Zelensky government. So far five Russian generals and thousands of soldiers have been killed. A French agent has claimed that insiders in the Kremlin could oust Putin from power in a coup. One way of this could also be ‘assassination of the Russian President’.
Russian Soldiers : Russian soldiers caught in Ukraine rained on Putin, said – send as many troops as you want.. you will not be able to capture
Putin’s opponents had openly announced
According to the news, senior Russian political figures have publicly incited people close to Putin to assassinate him. So Putin’s fears are not unfounded. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tweeted calling for Putin’s assassination. He had said, ‘The only way to end all this is for someone to throw this man (Putin) out’. You will do this for your country, for the world.

‘Poison can be murder’
A French intelligence official claimed that poison could be a possible way out if Putin is assassinated. The Russian government has been known to use poison against its enemies. The French agent told the Daily Beast that these efforts could only be made from within the Kremlin. He said that Russian intelligence is the only agency left that uses poison.