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Putin’s girlfriend changed identity and bought a luxurious flat, Pandora Papers revealed the secret of the property

The name of Russian President Vladimir Putin is now coming to the fore in the Pandora Papers leak case. Putin’s alleged girlfriend’s name is also included in the documents giving information about secret financial transactions of some of the world’s top positions. Financial documents claim that Putin’s girlfriend is the owner of $100 million in assets. The Pandora Papers contains the names of hundreds of global leaders. It also has the names of many people associated with Putin, celebrities and some rich people.

The documents also mention Putin’s secret assets located in Monaco. It disclosed about a company based abroad which was allegedly owned by his girlfriend. It is being claimed that his girlfriend had bought an apartment which is worth $4.1 million. This luxury flat was bought by Brockville Development Ltd. It has been revealed in the Pandora Papers that the owner of the flat is a woman named Svetlana Krivonogikh.

100 million dollar mistress
After friendship with Putin, this woman became the owner of $100 million worth of assets. This includes a flat in St. Petersburg, land in Moscow and a luxury cruise. According to Russia’s investigative outlet Proekt, a wealthy woman once engaged in cleaning work and Putin also has a child. Secret financial transactions involving Putin’s girlfriend took place in Monaco in September 2003.
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Bought flat by changing identity
A luxurious flat was bought just below the casino. The identity of the flat’s buyer was a mystery. The official buyer was a foreign company Brockville Development Ltd.. The company was owned by two people, first Sefton Securities and later Radnor Investments SA. The real buyer of the property was hiding behind the scenes. The Pandora Papers revealed that Svetlana Krivonogikh, a 28-year-old woman, was its original owner in 2003.

Changed days after coming in contact with Putin
After a few years, this woman became the owner of billions of wealth. He bought a luxurious flat in his hometown St. Petersburg. Krivonogikh had a very simple past. She worked as a cleaner in a store and was a business student. It is being claimed that after coming in contact with Putin, his days changed.