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Putin’s Family: Putin preparing for nuclear attack? The secret city is built under the ground, the family has already been hidden

Moscow : The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 25 days. The war has lasted longer than Putin expected, and the Russian army has suffered heavy losses. An insider has claimed that “desperate” Putin is preparing for a nuclear evacuation drill for which he has sent his family to an “intelligence underground city”, DailyMail reported.

According to the news, a source said a few days ago that Putin is suffering from several serious diseases and claimed that the Russian death toll in the Ukraine war was higher than Kyiv’s estimate, 17,000 deaths. According to the report, a Telegram channel quoting the source said that Putin often vents his anger on people close to him. The Telegram channel is believed to be linked to a former Kremlin intelligence insider who claims to maintain close ties with Putin’s close friends.
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The threat of nuclear conflict between Russia and Ukraine increases
The source informed that he does not talk openly with anyone. He keeps in limited contact with not only his daughters but also his mysterious children with Alina Kabaeva. The source said that recently Putin surprised his top generals by talking about nuclear drills. This has increased the risk of a nuclear conflict between Russia and Ukraine. A Russian expert had earlier claimed that Putin hid his family at an intelligence site to protect them from a possible nuclear war and that it was not a bunker but a giant underground city, the report said.

Russia puts nuclear forces on high-alert
Russia placed nuclear forces on high-alert earlier this month. Putin had earlier threatened NATO that if they intervened in the Ukraine war, they would face the most dire consequences in history. On Saturday, Russia used its super-destroyer Kinjal hypersonic missile against Ukraine, which blew up a Ukrainian military base.

Putin said – be ready for nuclear evacuation exercise
A recent post by a Telegram channel named General SVR said that Putin had warned senior political figures to participate in an evacuation exercise in the event of a possible nuclear war in the near future. The post said that this warning from the Russian President had taken everyone by surprise. But everyone without exception confirmed their readiness.