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Putin wants to repeat the Cuban crisis? Threats to deploy army under America’s nose


  • There has been a new twist in the ongoing tension between the US and Russia over Ukraine.
  • Russia has indicated it will hesitate to deploy troops to Venezuela and Cuba
  • This warning from Russia has brought back memories of the Cuban crisis of the Cold War

There seems to be a new twist in the ongoing tension between NATO countries and Russia, including the US, regarding Ukraine. Russia has indicated that it would be reluctant to deploy troops to the Latin American countries of Venezuela and Cuba. This warning from Russia has brought back memories of the Cuban crisis that arose during the Cold War. The Soviet Union had deployed its nuclear missiles in Cuba. The place where this Soviet missile was stationed in Cuba was only 145 km away from America. This increased the tension a lot.

In fact, Russia on Thursday intensified its stance in a tug-of-war with the West over Ukraine. A senior Russian diplomat warned that the possibility of a Russian military deployment in Cuba and Venezuela could not be ruled out if tensions with the US escalate. The remarks by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who led the Russian delegation to Monday’s talks with the US in Geneva, were televised. In it, he said that he could neither confirm nor rule out the possibility of Russia sending military resources to Cuba and Venezuela.
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Russia can also take military and technical steps: Putin
Talks in Geneva and a NATO-Russia meeting in Vienna on Wednesday failed to bridge the gap between Russia’s military deployment near Ukraine over its security demands. While Moscow has called for a halt to NATO expansion, Washington and its allies have rejected these demands. “It all depends on the activities of our American counterparts,” Rybakov said in an interview with Russia’s RTVI TV. He said Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia may also take military and technical measures if the United States acts provoking Russia and exerts military pressure on it.

Ryabkov said the US and NATO have refused to consider Russia’s key demand for guarantees to halt the expansion of coalition forces to Ukraine and other ex-Soviet nations, raising doubts about the continuation of talks. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called for some positive elements in the talks and a slight narrowing of the gap, but called the talks a failure due to a clear disagreement on Russia’s key demands. “Talks were started to get clear answers on some of the major issues raised and disagreements persisted on these major issues which is a bad thing,” he told reporters.

More than a million Russian soldiers near Ukraine’s eastern border
Peskov warned that US-Russia ties could “completely deteriorate” if the proposed sanctions targeting Russian President Putin and other top military and civilian leaders were accepted. The move, proposed by Senate Democrats, also seeks to condemn Russia’s top financial institutions if Moscow sends troops to Ukraine. Peskov condemned the proposal, calling it an attempt to put pressure on Russia during the talks and said it would not work. The talks came at a time when more than 100,000 Russian troops, tanks and heavy military equipment have been deployed along Ukraine’s eastern border.

Russia has rejected notions of a plan of attack and, on the contrary, accused the West of threatening its security by deploying military personnel and resources in Central and Eastern Europe. Peskov said Russia was ready to continue the talks but wanted their results to come. “There will be no shortage of political will to continue the talks,” he said.