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Putin on the path of Hitler and Saddam Hussein! Team checks food poisoning, Russian President hiding in bunker for fear of murder

Moscow : Russian President Vladimir Putin has left thousands of Russian soldiers to die in the war in Ukraine. Putin himself has gone underground, away from his trusted comrades and advisers, rather than on the front lines. Putin, who has spent his holidays at his intelligence bases, is now living in fear that his close friends may target him. He fears that his once staunch supporters have lost faith in him because of his decision to attack Ukraine.

According to the news of The Sun, it is in Putin’s mind that a conspiracy has been hatched to kill him, due to which he has mostly started living in isolation. Only bodyguards hired to protect the Russian president are allowed close to Putin. Not only this, Putin has also appointed a team to taste his food before eating, which makes sure that there is no poison in his food. A similar team used to check the food of Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein for fear of this danger.
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Team checks for poison in food
There are also rumors that Putin has ordered special gloves to protect his skin from toxic substances. Putin, a daily morning swimmer, tests the water several times a day to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals. According to the news, Putin is showing Hitler-like traits and many similarities have been seen in the past, including war policy and speculation of deteriorating health.

do meeting only on video call
The Russian president has not met with his senior ministers, advisers and aides for several months. He now holds meetings only on video calls. Gelotti, a professor at the University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies, believes it is because he does not want to hear anything. He said that he was more of a ‘military fanboy than a military mastermind’ and like Hitler he had no idea about the reality of war. Rumors of the deteriorating health of about 70-year-old Putin are flying, on the basis of which it is being claimed that now he is losing his grip of power.