WorldPunish those responsible for what the country wants to forget

Punish those responsible for what the country wants to forget

Brazil was plunged into a deep sadness with the coronavirus pandemic. The evolution of deaths by covid-19 since March 2020 opened a valley of tears, at least among those who did not forget to experience their humanity with the empathy of seeing their fellow man suffer. It was devastating news, families decimated, the country went gray, in lasting mourning. Mothers who left and orphaned children. Parents who lost their children, grandparents, brothers, doctors and nurses who got sick working on the front lines to save those who were asphyxiated by the effects of the coronavirus. Beloved artists left.

The fear of dying and having their families killed at the height of the pandemic was permanent among those who believed in doctors and spokespeople for science. Brazil learned to name the scientists who warned us about the risks by heart. Margareth Dalcomo, Átila Iamarino, Miguel Nicolelis, Natália Pasternak, Mariana Varella and many others. We resisted as long as we could, swallowing our sadness and trying to save some more. All while we had to live with the anger of dealing with deniers who laughed at those who made an effort to wear the mask, to keep their distance, to seek safe solutions that escaped false opportunistic promises. Many of them died for minimizing the risks.

It was a devastating time, which destroyed our strength and hope. It would have been terrible in itself, but there was a president, in a central role, who made what was already terrible worse. Brazil had to live with Jair Bolsonaro mocking the despair of his people. He laughed at those who wanted to stay at home, called Brazil a country and a sissy, he insufflated anti-democratic acts with refinements of derision in the face of deaths. People of good faith who believed in chloroquine or ivermectin, because the president said they would bring a cure, killed their families without knowing that they were doing it at the behest of a leader who was only seeking his power project.

He opened wide his intentions to pursue herd immunity, accelerating the contagion, for fear of the effects on the economy. If she went wrong, with people isolated in their homes, Bolsonaro might not be reelected. He verbalized this reasoning several times. He was the saboteur of a policy that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives if he hadn’t entered into a vulgar and verbose war with China, and with vaccine suppliers. With the country in the raw, it humiliated those who believed in science. Brazil overcame 4,000 daily deaths between March and April, a horror movie for any nation. Not happy, even today it spreads evils, such as the correlation between vaccine and AIDS contagion.

Then came the CPI on the Pandemic, which put the mirror in the president’s face. The commission was not perfect, it exaggerated, it became a stage for politicians, in the view of some, but it exposed the pettiness that reigned throughout the Bolsonaro Government. From the Planalto Palace to the Ministries of Health and Economy. The senators helped organize Brazil’s timeline of the pandemic, of opportunism out of the shadows that fell over society. A time that will remain in the history of everyone who has a conscience, like a tattoo. Those who foster a desire to make Brazil a more dignified country, where those who commit atrocities pay for their crimes. Jair Bolsonaro is first on the list, the great battle the country faces from now on. With the end of the CPI after six months, the country needs to move forward without going over this page where bad faith reigned. It’s time to believe in a country that is accountable to its dead, without hatred or revenge, but with justice.

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