WorldPuigdemont, former head of the autonomous government of Catalonia, detained in Italy

Puigdemont, former head of the autonomous government of Catalonia, detained in Italy

In the news given by the Spanish press, based on the sources of the Supreme Court, it was stated that a pro-independence political party in Sardinia went to this island to hold a meeting with some mayors and members. Carles PuigdemontIt was noted that he was detained by the Italian security forces due to the search and arrest warrant against him.

Puigdemont, former head of government of Catalonia detained in Italy, to appear in court

Carles Puigdemont, a member of the European Parliament (EP) and former head of the autonomous government of Catalonia, who was detained by the Italian border police on Sardinia Island, where he went due to a search and arrest warrant issued by the Spanish Supreme Court, will appear in court on Friday.

In the statement made by Puigdemont’s office, it was noted that Puigdemont was detained by the border police at the airport, who went to Alghero from Brussels to attend the Adilfolk International Meeting, to meet with the Sardinia regional president and the mayor of Alghero.

It was stated that Puigdemont will appear in court in Sassari on Friday and a decision on his release or extradition is awaited.

Reactions to Puigdemont’s detention

On the other hand, representatives of pro-independence political parties and non-governmental organizations in Catalonia reacted to Puigdemont’s detention and blamed Spain.

Particularly in the social media posts, it was argued that Spain deceived the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and had a member of the European Parliament detained in another member state.

“The detention will last a few hours at most, but Spain’s shame will forever remain in history,” said Josep Costa, vice-president of Catalonia’s autonomous administration. he wrote.

On the other hand, Pablo Casado, leader of the right-wing People’s Party (PP) in the main opposition in Spain, said: “Puigdemont should be tried in Spain for his blow to the constitution. (Prime Minister) Pedro Sanchez also decided to make a decision of the court instead of applying an amnesty in return for staying in power. He must promise to show respect.” used his statements.

Process with Puigdemont

Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium on 30 October after the illegal independence referendum held in Catalonia on October 1, 2017 and the unilateral declaration of independence announced in the autonomous parliament of Catalonia on October 28, 2017, was elected as an MEP in 2019.

The Belgian court had rejected Spain’s request for Puigdemont’s extradition.

The EP lifted the immunity of Puigdemont and 2 other Catalan MPs living in Belgium, fleeing the judicial process in Spain, last March.

The European General Court had decided that the lifting of immunity would continue until dePuigdemont’s appeal was concluded.

Upon these developments, the Supreme Court in Spain raised the search and arrest warrant against Puigdemont, which was previously only on a national scale, to the international level.

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