IndiaPT laughed, putting all the sickness and pain inside; SS Lal...

PT laughed, putting all the sickness and pain inside; SS Lal in memory of the last days


  • PT as an older brother
  • A generation of young people were made good human beings through KSU
  • PT was treated at Vellore Medical College Hospital for world class treatment

Kochi: Dr. SS Lal in memory of the late PT Thomas MLA. SS Lal’s post is about sharing a picture taken ten days ago on PT Thomas’ birthday. Lal recalled that PT was like an elder brother and loved the loneliness.

‘Prince of Attitudes’, the curtain for uncompromising struggle; Farewell to PT Thomas
Lal’s note: This is a picture of PT ten days ago. It was his birthday. While undergoing treatment at Vellore Medical College Hospital, he complied with his son Vivek’s request to commemorate his birthday. PT posed for a photo for me and laughed, putting all the pain and suffering inside. This is PT. This was PT.

He has been a mind-blowing leader since he was introduced to KSU President in 1982. Elder brother. Friend. Absolutely selfless. It was PT who molded the youth of one generation into good human beings through KSU. There is no other model like PT for conducting political activity without influencing attitudes and thoughts about one’s own future. That influence is what PT leaves behind.

I do not remember PT ever calling me Lale. Since their introduction in 1982, they have been known as you and Eda. I can be a cochlear implant when I hear that. It also gives you the confidence to have a grandfather to protect you.

Strong opponent since then; Thomas Isaac said that the demise of PT was a great loss to the Congress and the country
If PT, who has often been under the influence of drugs for the past few days, wakes up suddenly, it may be a matter for our family or any other friend to ask, including those close to me. But not of one’s own disease or treatment.

PT’s strength is his family and friends all over the world. PT’s wife Uma and children Vishnu and Vivek saw PT’s disease as a disease in their own bodies. A family can do no more. It is no small matter to be able to mold such a strong family in the midst of political turmoil.

PT was treated at Vellore Medical College Hospital for world class treatment. Dr. Titus, who led the treatment, was educated at the Maharaja’s College. Dr. Sukesh and Dr. Anoop, Malayalees from Vellore, looked at PT like family members. Well-known Malayalee doctors in the United States, including Jaime Abraham, were instrumental in the treatment.

‘Don’t put a wreath, put a song on the shore where the moonlight falls’; PT’s eyes donated
Congress leaders visited the PT and constantly sought information. Other party leaders also paid close attention to the PT. The loss of the PT split is not just for the Congress party. Kerala as a whole. There is a big gap in the world of goodness in Kerala. The gap between a leader and his brother called Eda is staring me in the face. “PT’s memories and attitudes will not die,” Lal said in a Facebook post.

‘Prince of Attitudes’, uncompromising struggle ends; Farewell to PT Thomas