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Psyche Mission: The secret of ‘Space Mine’ will be revealed, NASA’s eyes on the asteroid full of trillions of wealth

The psychic asteroid of the solar system is often in discussion. Optical telescopes and powerful radars on Earth have revealed that there are extremely precious metals present on this asteroid. Similar data forms the basis of NASA’s next mission, which is being called the ‘Psyche mission’. Psyche is the name of a goddess in Greek mythology. Scientists believe that Psyche may be related to the origin of the Solar System. It was discovered in 1852 and this amazing asteroid is located in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Under the ‘Psyche mission’, the spacecraft will orbit the metal-rich celestial body and examine its composition. The spacecraft will map the asteroid and study ancient magnetic fields and neutron and gamma-ray emissions. “By combining the results of this discovery with other data, we can find out how the solar system formed and evolved,” said Bill Botek, a psychic mission scientist at the Southwest Research Institute.
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Spacecraft will be equipped with all the equipment
Scientific discoveries have shown that Psyche lacks iron oxide, despite being endowed with the metal. This is strange because iron oxide is present on all other planets. Lindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University said that if we are correct about the structure of Psyche, then a strange story can come out about its construction. NASA’s spacecraft will have the necessary equipment to unravel the mysteries of Psyche.

Psyche’s reality may be beyond imagination
Jim Bell of Psyche Mission said, ‘Nobody knows what we’re going to see. The only truth is that the reality of Psyche will be more strange and beautiful than we imagined.’ Earlier it was reported that NASA has found so many precious metals on the Psyche asteroid that every person on earth can become a billionaire. According to NASA, the value of this immeasurable wealth is $10,000,000,000,000,000,000. NASA re-measured the surface of the Psyche asteroid and based on that the latest estimate was made.