WorldProtests against the 'Green Pass' certificate in Italy were eventful

Protests against the ‘Green Pass’ certificate in Italy were eventful

The demonstrations, which started with a rally in Popolo square in the capital city of Rome, attended by about 10 thousand people, changed dimensions as the protesters marched.

During the march, a group of demonstrators attacked and damaged the headquarters of the Italian General Confederation of Business (CGIL), while a large group marched in front of the prime ministerial palace, Chigi. During the march, protesters often chanted “No to the Green Pass” and “Freedom, freedom”.

A clash broke out between the security forces and the demonstrators who came face to face in front of the Prime Ministry. Police tried to disperse the protesters by spraying water cannons, often using tear gas.

The police intervened the demonstrators who did not disperse with batons in the evening, while the protesters responded to the security forces with stones, bottles and torches.

In the incidents, both policemen and demonstrators were injured, and some protesters were detained.

In the meantime, it was stated that there were protests against the certificate in Milan, the country’s second largest city, apart from the capital.

Politicians react to violence

The attack on the CGIL Headquarters and the protests turning into violence drew the reaction of the Italian state officials and political party leaders.

It has been reported that Italian President Sergio Mattarella phoned CGIL Secretary General Maurizio Landini to get well soon.

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In a written statement from the Italian Prime Ministry, it was stated that Prime Minister Mario Draghi condemned the violence and expressed his solidarity with CGIL, whose headquarters was damaged in the incidents.

All parties in the country, from the left to the far right, condemned the attack on CGIL.

In Italy, the government’s “Green Pass” certificate, which came into effect on August 6, has been protested many times since that day, while the certificate will become mandatory for public and private sector employees from 16 October.

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