IndiaProstration before the memories of the Kovid front fighters; Financial Crisis...

Prostration before the memories of the Kovid front fighters; Financial Crisis Temporary: President


  • Will recover from the financial crisis
  • The crisis is temporary
  • Reminder to meet Covid standards

New Delhi: President Ramnath Kovind has said that the financial crisis in the country following Covid is temporary. He was addressing the nation on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day. He reminded that the Independence Day celebrations should be held in compliance with the Covid norms.

We know prominent personalities who fought and martyred for India’s independence
Covid survived the second wave because of the front line fighters. We pay our respects to the memory of all the fighters who died in the battle against Covid. He thanked world leaders for their help in providing emergency medical care.

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The crisis caused by Covid affected the economy. But he said the crisis was temporary. He added that the athletes’ performance at the Tokyo Olympics was a testament to the country’s reputation. Addet’s response was to applaud the athletes.

The President said that it was an achievement to be able to vaccinate 50 crore people in the country.

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