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prof. Dr. Durdağı passed the phase-2 phase in the drug study against Kovid-19

Prof. Bahçeşehir University (BAU), Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biophysics, who carries out his studies by taking part in drug research within the TÜBİTAK Covid-19 Turkey Platform. Dr. Serdar Durdağı told AA correspondent about the latest developments in drug studies.

Stating that with drug repositioning approaches, they performed the screening of approved drugs used in the treatment of different diseases in important target proteins determined in Covid-19 with computer techniques. Dr. Serdar Durdağı said that they filtered the drug candidates determined according to these results by moving them to the experimental environment and that they predicted which molecules have the potential to be used against Covid-19.

Stating that they obtained the necessary ethics committee and all other permissions from the relevant institutions for the clinical studies of the drug, whose effectiveness against Covid-19 was determined by preclinical tests, Durdağı said, “Our clinical phase-2 study started in May 2021 in 9 different centers and our studies are continuing. Up to 225 of our volunteer patients were included in the study. used the phrases.

“Studies are promising”

Noting that their aim is to reach a total of 380 patients in 9 centers as soon as possible, Durdağı said that their work is promising.

prof. Dr. Durdağı continued his words as follows:

“According to the results we have received so far, I can say that the effect of Montelukast, the drug we use, is very good, and we have achieved promising results. We get results that are compatible with preclinical tests. We have recently published all the preclinical results of our study in an important journal called Molecular Therapy.”

His work has been rewarded

On the other hand, Durdağı was also awarded by BAU for his work.

Within the scope of the “Respect for Science Awards” held at the South Campus, the University awarded its academicians in 3 categories: Contribution to Science, Honor and Social Benefit Award.

Making a name for himself with his drug studies against the coronavirus, Prof. Dr. The program, in which Serdar Durdağı was deemed worthy of the Social Benefit Award, started with the National Anthem and a moment of silence and continued with a musical concert.

BAU Honor Award at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Seyfettin Gürsel, BAU Award for Contribution to Science goes to Dr. Instructor Awarded to its member, Soheil Salahshour.

BAU Chairman of the Board of Trustees Enver Yücel, in his speech on the night of the awards, stated that contributing to science is a unique value and said, “The pandemic has once again shown how important science is. Whenever human beings are stuck, they come with science from their health to their trade. Without science, I never step forward. Today, science has been applied with the issue of COVID-19.” said.

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