India'Prithviraj and Aashiq Abu go and drink banana juice'; T Siddique...

‘Prithviraj and Aashiq Abu go and drink banana juice’; T Siddique mocked


  • Heavy ridicule
  • The reaction was to the news that Wariamkunnan has withdrawn from the film
  • Aashiq Abu had said that he withdrew from the film due to a dispute with the producer

Kochi: T Siddique has ridiculed Aashiq Abu and Prithviraj for withdrawing from ‘Wariamkunnan’. After describing the benefits of banana juice, Siddique suggested the juice to both of them.

“Not only is it good to eat banana, but it’s also good to drink banana juice. Banana can be chopped into small pieces and used as a juice. It can be used to flavor honey and cardamom if desired. That is the joke of T Siddique.

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T Siddique reacts to the news that Prithviraj and Aashiq Abu have withdrawn from the film based on the life of Wariamkunnath Kunhahammed Haji. According to Asianet News, Aashiq Abu has confirmed his withdrawal from the film.

Aashiq withdrew from the film due to a dispute with the producer. The film was announced last year under the title ‘Wariamkunnan’. It was announced that filming would start on the 100th anniversary of the Malabar riots.

Following the announcement of the film, Sangh Paripar circles unleashed a massive cyber attack on actor Prithviraj. The Sangh Parivar alleged that Wariamkunnath was anti-Hindu and distorted the history of cinema. Prithviraj was asked by Hindu Aikya Vedi to withdraw from the film. Aashiq Abu responded that the cyber attack would not affect them.

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Ramis, one of the film’s screenwriters, was also criticized. The Facebook post from several years ago drew criticism. The main allegation was that the post was anti-feminist. Ramis’ response was that he had apologized for things that seemed wrong in the allegations against him. Ramis said in a Facebook post that he was withdrawing from the film because the rest were out of context or misinterpretations.

There was no news about the movie after this. Three films have been announced on the life of Wariamkunnath Kunhahammed Haji. ‘Shaheed Wariamkunnan’ directed by PT Kunjumuhammed, ‘The Great Wariam Kunnath’ directed by Ibrahim Vengara and Ali Akbar’s film were also announced.

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