WorldPrincess Mako got married in Japan

Princess Mako got married in Japan

According to the news of the Kyodo agency, the Imperial Affairs Agency (Kunaiçoo) submitted the legal documents regarding the couple’s marriage to the relevant institution.

After the official documents were approved, Mako and Komuro Kei, both 30 years old, entered the marriage.

Mako took the name Komuro Mako as part of her new registry, which she registered after her marriage to her civilian boyfriend Komuro Kei.

Under Imperial Law, a woman from the imperial family who marries a commoner loses her royal status.

Kunaiçoo announced that Mako, who lost her royal status by marrying, will be removed from the Imperial Pedigree within the week.

It has been reported that Mako, who left the Imperial Residence where he currently lives, will live in an apartment in the capital Tokyo with his wife until he moves to the USA.

The couple is expected to hold a press conference about their marriage and their planned life in the USA.

Nor will Mako receive the 150 million yen ($1.3 million) payment given to female members of the family when they leave the royal household.

After it became public that Komuro’s family had requested financial assistance from his mother’s ex-fiancé, Mako’s intention not to accept the payment was announced.

Father Fumihito had approved

Mako and Komuro met in 2012 at International Christian University in Tokyo, and announced their engagement in September 2017.

In February 2018, Komuro’s mother and her mother’s ex-fiancé had a disagreement over financial matters.

Komuro admitted in January 2019 that his family received financial assistance from his mother’s ex-fiancee.

Despite the negative news about Komuro, Princess Mako publicly announced that she wanted to marry her boyfriend in November 2020.

Japanese Emperor Naruhito stated at a press conference in February that “many hope for an atmosphere of persuasion and contentment” regarding the couple’s marriage.

Naruhito’s brother and Princess Mako’s father, Crown Prince Fumihito, announced in November 2020 that he had approved the couple’s wish to marry.

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