India'Prime Minister should make a music album for me'; Student commits...

‘Prime Minister should make a music album for me’; Student commits suicide by writing letter to Modi


  • Plus one student commits suicide in Madhya Pradesh
  • He wrote a letter to the Prime Minister before committing suicide.
  • He wants to make a music album for himself.

Bhopal: A student committed suicide after making it clear that he wanted to be a better dancer but could not. The student committed suicide in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh after writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to implement his ‘ultimate wish’.

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Madhya Pradesh police say a 16-year-old boy has committed suicide after writing a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to produce a music album for him. The boy committed suicide on Sunday night. Police said they would conduct a detailed investigation into the incident.

The suicide note was found in the child’s body. The student says in the letter that she wanted to be a better dancer but did not get the support she needed from home and friends. His soul will find peace through the album he will produce after his death. Jhansi Road police official Sanjeev Nayan Sharma said in the letter that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should make this last wish possible.

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According to PTI, the boy had written a letter asking the Prime Minister to produce a music video choreographed by singer Arijit Singh Pat and Nepali dancer Sushant Khatri. The body of a Plus One student boy was reportedly found on a railway track near his home.

(Note: Suicide is not the answer to anything, you are not alone. Seek help immediately. Please call: Direction Helpline – 1056 / Toll Free)

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