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President of TRNC gave the task of forming a Tatar government to UBP Chairman Sucuoğlu

President Tatar received UBP Chairman Sucuoğlu at his office.

After the meeting, Tatar made evaluations to the members of the press and announced that he had given the task of forming the government to Sucuoğlu.

Tatar reminded that former UBP Chairman and Prime Minister Ersan Saner met with all parties and independent deputies in the Republican Assembly after he submitted the resignation of the coalition government they formed with the Democrat Party (DP) and Rebirth Party (YDP) on 13 October.

Pointing out that UBP is the party with the highest number of seats in the Assembly, Tatar said that it was natural for him to give this task to Sucuoğlu.

Noting that Sucuoğlu will start his contacts to form a new government, Tatar drew attention to the importance of passing next year’s budget in the Assembly of the Republic.

Pointing out that it would be beneficial to conclude the government formation process quickly, Tatar stated that the expectation of the people is in this direction.

“In any case, it is certain that the country needs a government”

Sucuoğlu said that they had consultations with Tatar about the new government and that they would first meet with the UBP Party Assembly regarding the task of forming a government.

“In any case, it is certain that the country needs an electoral government, or maybe a government that will last 3-5 months.” Sucuoğlu said that the economic problems continue with the effect of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Sucuoğlu stated that first the interests of the country and the people, and then the interests of the party, concern them and said that they will start working with this vision.

Stating that they have certain solutions in mind to form a government and that they can appoint someone to contact other parties after consultations within the party, Sucuoğlu said, “I believe that we can reach a number of over 26 deputies in terms of an election government at the moment.” said.

Emphasizing that the date of 26 December 2021 was previously discussed for the early elections, Sucuoğlu said, “Maybe it will be a later date. I hope that we can achieve unity. I think that maybe an election government can be formed by giving an election date. This date may be February 6, 2022. These are my current thoughts, we will talk about them.” he said.

Sucuoğlu said that the current government will continue unless he presents a new cabinet list to the President.

Expressing that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called him yesterday after his election, Sucuoğlu stated that he conveyed his wishes for “good luck”.

Sucuoğlu added that he conveyed to President Erdoğan that they would support President Tatar in the steps to be taken regarding Cyprus and that he welcomed this.

Sucuoğlu was elected as the chairman at the 22nd Ordinary Congress of UBP held on October 30-31.

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