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President of the Libyan State Council Mishri stated that Turkish forces in Libya cannot be compared with mercenaries

Meeting with civil society representatives and members of the press in the capital Tripoli, Mishri made statements about the parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for 24 December, the legal infrastructure of the elections and the latest developments regarding the Libyan crisis.

Answering the AA correspondent’s question about the results of the Second Berlin Conference, which addressed the foreign military presence in Libya, Mishri noted that Turkish forces in Libya were in the country upon the call of the Libyan government and within the framework of the signed legitimate agreements.

Pointing out that the National Unity Government, elected by the United Nations (UN)-led Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in February, was temporarily elected according to the Roadmap determined by the UN, Mishri stated that this temporary executive body does not have the authority to intervene in previous agreements.

“Only Turkey responded to our call for help”

Evaluating the presence of foreign forces and mercenaries in Libya, Mishri continued as follows:

“Libya is the land of Libyans. In principle, we do not want any foreign power to be on our territory. But as Libyans, since 2014, our brothers in the east brought the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and were stationed at the UAE al-Hadim Base. This is also confirmed by UN reports. Then French planes came and bombed Libyans. Chad and Sudanese rebels, even the Russians, were brought in. So we asked for international assistance and appealed to 5 countries. We called for help to the USA, Algeria, Italy, Turkey and NATO. Only Turkey responded to our call. As a state of institutions, Turkey has received approval from its parliament for mutually signed agreements.”

Pointing out that “a consensus has been reached under the guarantor of the USA for the exit of foreign mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya” and that Turkey also accepted this draft, Mishri stated that some of the names in the new government took initiatives contrary to this agreement.

“The mercenaries must come out first”

Mishri said:

“The new administration came as a result of a consensus and, unfortunately, with a strange consortium. (The new cabinet) was determined not in accordance with the balances of Libyan politics during the vote of confidence, but according to the balances of the House of Representatives. And unfortunately, the new Foreign Minister (Necla al-Mengush) is in Libya. “He represented the point of view of the aggressor (Khalifa Haftar) side, not the active and real political parties of the Turkish Republic. He took initiatives without consulting anyone, including the Presidential Council, the House of Representatives or the DYK.”

“We believe in the gradual exit of all foreigners in Libya. First of all, it will start with foreign mercenaries. Especially Chadians and Sudanese. Then foreign fighters from countries such as the UAE (will emerge). These mercenary fighters include (Russian) Wagner. We can talk about the departure of Turkish forces after that. Why? “Because all these parties, except the Turkish forces, came through unofficial and illegitimate means. Turkey came in a legitimate, official, public and known way. Therefore, they cannot be kept together and cannot be expected to come out all together. We want all forces to leave. However, this exit must be gradual and The exit of the forces that came within the framework of the agreements should not be under this (interim) government, but during the elected government.”

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