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President of Religious Affairs, Erbaş: It should be our ideal to strengthen the faith awareness of the youth today.

President of Religious Affairs, who made the opening speech of the 12th International Bediuzzaman Symposium organized online by the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation with the title “Faith in Individual and Community Life”. prof. Dr. Ali Erbas, He explained that faith is a great blessing that gives people an identity, reminds them of the purpose and responsibilities of creation, and liberates them.

“Faith is a divine guide that immerses people in the ocean of Allah’s mercy, makes them bestowed with grace, and directs them to what is most true.” Erbaş continued:

“Our Lord reveals this truth to us with the following verse of Surat an-Nisa. The Qur’an and our beloved Prophet, who conveyed it to us, want believers who have the same faith to turn to Allah in unity, to fulfill their responsibilities towards Him properly, to see each other as brothers and to approach each other as brothers. It also orders us to avoid all kinds of thoughts and behaviors that would weaken brotherhood and solidarity. It is a fact confirmed by history that there is peace and mercy in unity, and disaster and calamity in discord. warns.”

Emphasizing that the main aim of Islam is to build a virtuous individual and a virtuous society, Erbaş said, “The pioneer of this ideal will of course be those who believe in Allah and His Messenger. As a matter of fact, faith builds a secure individual and a secure society. The responsibility of building a civilization on earth that will replace justice, mercy and good morals rests on the shoulders of believers. he said.

Expressing that humanity is experiencing a crisis of trust, Erbaş said:

“Trust is all material and spiritual values ​​that are wanted to be observed and protected. The world we live in and all the beings in it are a trust to Allah’s servants. Faith is a covenant made with Allah to protect these values. A believer is a person who is faithful to this covenant and fulfills the requirements of the covenant properly. Therefore, the duty of believers, who have the consciousness of faith and trust, is to reunite good morality, compassion and justice with humanity in the era of crises we live in. The most important issue in this direction is a contagious disease that enslaves individuals and societies, leads them to inertia. It is to avoid despair. It is to work with faith, patience and perseverance for a better future without ever falling into despair due to the difficult situations both the Islamic world and humanity are in.”

Noting that it would not be possible to progress in societies where faith is ignored, science is postponed and imitation is dominant, Erbaş said, “Seeing this fact very well, Saidi Nursi emphasized the unity of religious sciences and positive sciences with a holistic understanding of education. He interpreted the verses that lead to understanding nature and things. He made an effort to establish faith in hearts. However, he emphasized that the main reason for backwardness was to get away from the truth.” used his statements.

Pointing out that there is a rapid change and transformation in the world, Erbaş said:

“It is extremely important to accurately determine the impact of this change on people and especially on young people. We have to work together devotedly to develop a method and system that will address the questions and problems faced by the young generations in the world of mind and heart, and that will respond to their needs and expectations. The concept of faith, which is the basic value of Islam, has an undeniable importance. Faith is the most powerful factor in the formation of a solid personality, living with good morals, strengthening human relations, establishing a society of trust, and dominating peace and justice. It should be the ideal of all of us to equip them with knowledge and to take measures against the factors that lead them to weakness in this regard.

Emphasizing that the most effective way of explaining and guiding children and young people is to set an example by living, Prof. Dr. Erbaş concluded his speech as follows:

“At this point, the Messenger of Allah is the best example and the greatest guide for us. His guidance is to show people the beauties stemming from his faith by transforming them into lived life. He (pbuh) offered bounties to the needy, protected the orphan, protected the oppressed, and those who had no means. Inspired by the life of the Messenger of Allah, we should work with all our means, share and strengthen our morality of solidarity in the name of establishing and strengthening the faith community. Because this method is the most sincere and effective method in bringing faith together with people. When we look at the action people of our civilization and history, We see that they are fighting a faith struggle. With these feelings and thoughts, I hope that the symposium will be of benefit to you. I pray to God Almighty to grant us a will that will enable us to make our faith, which is our most precious capital, dominate our lives, and to enable us to live a life in accordance with his will in all aspects. “

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