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President Erdoğan: 21 thousand TSK members, who had contact with the FETO treason gang, were cut off from the army

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his speech at the National Defense University (MSU) Military Academy Diploma Receiving and Banner Handover Ceremony held at the Turkish Military Academy, congratulated the 30 August Victory Day of the graduated lieutenants and those who attended the ceremony.

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Expressing that the August 30 Victory, which is the symbol of the Turkish nation’s protection of its independence and future even under the most difficult conditions, was the turning point of the National Struggle, Erdoğan said, “We protected our third state in our geography by crowning this victory, in which we once again set our seal on our millennial homeland, Anatolia, with the foundation of our Republic. I commemorate with mercy and gratitude everyone who contributed to this victory, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal, the commander-in-chief of our armies and the leader of our National Struggle.” he said.

Wishing God’s mercy to all the martyrs, veterans and heroes who have sacrificed their lives for this land to remain as a homeland since Manzikert, Erdogan said, “We are the new hero candidates who will join the ranks of today’s representatives of this great struggle, which Mehmet Akif expressed in the best way in our National Anthem. I see it as.” used the phrase.

Erdoğan congratulated each of the Turkish and guest students who graduated today after completing their education at the Turkish Military Academy.

July 15 coup attempt

Wishing the officers who will continue their education in primary schools with the rank of lieutenant and the students who will return to their countries and serve in their own armies success in their future lives, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“I would like to thank all the members of our National Defense University (MSU) for training such brilliant officers and making our army stronger. Our country witnessed the most vile and treacherous coup attempt in our history 5 years ago. Together with our nation, we failed the attempt at the first light of the day. In this glorious struggle, we martyred 183 citizens and 63 policemen, as well as 5 of our soldiers. Likewise, 43 of our soldiers who fought against FETO members were honored with veterans. “We cut off approximately 21 thousand TAF members from our army. 4,723 army members who actively participated in the coup attempt or were affiliated with the organization are still in prison.”

“We now have a much more equipped military education system”

Erdogan said that after the coup attempt, they carried out a comprehensive reform in the Turkish Armed Forces, including educational institutions.

Reminding that they closed all military schools polluted by the coup mentality, Erdoğan said that they re-established military schools, colleges and institutes that train the personnel needed by the TAF, within the body of MSU.

Pointing out that they achieved institutional integrity by gathering military education under one roof at the university, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Praise be to our students who started their first year education when MSU became operational. Praise be to our students who graduated today. When we made this reform, someone was chasing ‘you are cutting the veins of the Turkish army.’ We have an education and training institution that trains military personnel according to the needs of the age in every field, from its curriculum to equipment.For example, with the establishment of MSU, our students started to receive preparatory education in French, Russian, Persian, Arabic, and as of this year, Greek. A success story that we should all be proud of has emerged, as will also be confirmed. In the first place, there was no interruption in the recruitment of personnel to the TAF through the recruitment of students to the intermediate classes. As of this year, all classes have started to complete their education at our university. “

President Erdoğan stated that MSU provided education to a total of 16,448 students and trainees in the 2020-2021 academic year, of which 15,501 were Turkish and 947 were guests from 20 different countries.

Emphasizing that the number of graduates he has given so far has reached 23 thousand 433 together with the guests, in other words, the losses on July 15 have been more than compensated in terms of numbers, Erdoğan said:

“Today, thousands of MSU graduates serve in our army as first lieutenant, lieutenant, and non-commissioned officers. Our National Defense University is the only educational institution that does not interrupt face-to-face training during the epidemic and continues its activities by applying the program day and night. Our university has become an exemplary institution in this respect as well. As a result, we are experiencing the joy of the graduation of a total of 1452 students, 1351 Turkish and 101 guests, from our military academies. We are happy, we are pleased. Praise be to Allah. “We are marching towards the future with our young lieutenants. We are marching in Libya and Azerbaijan. We will continue to march.”

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