WorldPresident Biden sends 5,000 US troops to Afghanistan

President Biden sends 5,000 US troops to Afghanistan

Mr. Biden said the decision to increase troops was to ensure the safety of the withdrawal of troops and diplomatic staff from Afghanistan.

Taliban fighters stand guard in the city. Ghazni.

At the same time, the US president warned that if the Taliban took any action that put Americans at risk, “will face a swift and strong US military response”.
“Whether it’s one more year or five more years, the presence of American troops will not make a difference if the Afghan military cannot or won’t defend our country,” Biden said. get the job of appearing in an internal conflict in another country”.

President Biden sent 5,000 US troops to Afghanistan - Photo 2

Taliban forces patrol in Herat.

Taliban fighters took over most of Afghanistan, captured a major city in the north of the country on August 14, and are moving closer to Kabul. Here, Western countries are also rushing to evacuate their citizens from the capital.


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