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President Biden: Afghanistan will be very dangerous in the next few days but the US will ‘get the job done’

US President Joe Biden said: “The mission being carried out in Afghanistan is very dangerous and has now come with significant loss of American personnel. But it is a worthy mission.”
President Biden’s adviser on August 27 told him that the mission to evacuate from Afghanistan will be the most dangerous in the next few days. The warning comes two days after the bloody attack on Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul that killed many people, including 13 US soldiers.
“Earlier this morning I met with the commanders, to receive details of yesterday’s attacks and the measures they are taking to protect our forces and complete the mission. And We’re going to get the job done,” Biden said.

Taliban fighters stand guard at the gate of Hamid Karzai airport.

The warning was issued during a meeting of the Situation Room at the White House, attended by national security, military and diplomatic officials following an attack by the ISIS-K group near the gates of Kabul airport.

On August 27, US Army Major General William Taylor said the attack was carried out by one suicide bomber, not two as previously reported.

He said: “We believe there has not been a second explosion at the Baron Hotel or nearby, and that the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber. There was then direct fire from an unknown location. of the enemy, just north of the gate area”.

“We’re watching these threats, very specifically, almost certainly,” Kirby said.

President Biden: Afghanistan will be very dangerous in the next few days, but the US will 'complete the task' - Photo 2

The bombing at Hamid Karzai airport killed many people.

On August 28, the US military launched an airstrike against an ISIS-K member believed to be behind the bombing at Kabul airport. This was the first shot in a plan to respond to Islamic State fighters, directed by Mr. Biden.

“I think Mr. Biden has made it very clear that he doesn’t want them on earth anymore,” the White House press secretary said.


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