Pradeep Saini reached London hiding in the wheel of the plane after...

Pradeep Saini reached London hiding in the wheel of the plane after traveling -60 degree temperature and traveling 6500 km

The distance from London to Delhi is about 65 hundred kilometers.

Recently, you must have seen a heart-wrenching video of Afghanistan. In this video, many people of Afghanistan were present on the plane of US Airforce to save their lives from Taliban. Many people stood outside the plane with the help of the cockpit and door when they could not find a place. Many people also died after falling from the plane while the plane was running. We have also seen a horrifying video of this. After watching this video, everyone must be thinking that how can someone reach alive from outside the plane? You are thinking absolutely right, but I am going to tell you such an anecdote, after knowing which your hair will stand. You will not believe that this can even be true. Actually an Indian has done this feat. He has reached safely from Delhi sitting outside the London plane. When the whole world came to know about this, people were stunned.

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According to a report in The Sun, the matter is in 1996, when two brothers Pradeep Saini (23 years) and Vijay Saini (19 years) from Punjab, India, were in the landing gear of a British Airways aircraft. He had reached London from India by hiding. The story of these two brothers shook the whole world. Actually, both these brothers wanted to go to London. Both of them had neither visa nor much money. In such a situation, he planned to run away from the plane. Both brothers came to Delhi from Punjab. Here he did a recce of the Indira Gandhi airport, entered the airport as soon as he got the opportunity and hid from the people and sat in the landing gear near the wheel of the plane. Both the brothers were so eager to go to London that they did not even care about their lives.

-60 degree Celsius temperature with an altitude of 40 thousand feet

The distance from London to Delhi is about 6500 kms. This route is 10 hours by plane. In such a situation, both these brothers decided to go to London hiding in the landing gear. When he reached London, he was not conscious because of the cold and the noise of the engine’s sound. Unfortunately Pradeep Saini survived but his younger brother Vijay Saini could not survive. On the way, he fell from the plane.

no one believed

When Pradeep’s condition deteriorated, he was admitted to a hospital in London. When Pradeep narrated his story after regaining consciousness, everyone was shocked. No common man can bear as much as Pradeep Saini has tolerated. Scary temperature of -60 degree Celsius in 10 hours journey.

Pradeep Saini works in London

Pradeep had to go through a legal process for 18 years for entering the UK illegally. In the end Pradeep was acquitted. Now he is a British citizen and works as a driver at London airport.


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