WorldPossible future journey! Scientist made a big claim by quoting Einstein

Possible future journey! Scientist made a big claim by quoting Einstein

Time travel is only a part of our imagination till now but in the coming time it can also turn into reality. Brian Greene, professor of physics and maths at Columbia University and co-founder of the World Science Festival, says that there are two types of time travel and both are different from each other. He said that time travel is definitely possible for the future.

In a video he said that we know how to do it because Einstein showed us the way a hundred years ago. Surprisingly, very few people know about it. He said that if you go through space at the speed of light and come back after traveling, the time in your clock slows down. So when you step outside the earth you will have time to travel into the future.
Time traveler soldier predicted the pandemic in 2001 itself, told ‘end of the world’
How is future travel possible?
He explained that if you are present near a powerful source of gravity, such as a neutron star or black hole, then as soon as you reach its edge, time will slow down for you compared to other people. And then when you return to Earth you will be in the future. Greene said this claim is not disputed. Any physicist who knows what one is talking about will agree.

Debate on the journey to the past continues
There is a debate going on about the second type of time travel i.e. travel to the past. Many people say that this is not possible. In 2001, a person made some surprising claims in an online post regarding time travel. The man described himself as an American soldier from 2036. He wrote the post in 2015, declaring World War III and a pandemic in America. After writing the post in a sequential manner, the person suddenly disappeared.


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