WorldPortugal will hold early general elections on January 30

Portugal will hold early general elections on January 30

The government crisis, which started after the 2022 budget submitted by the Socialist Party (PS), which has been in power for two years with the minority government, and which was rejected in the parliament on October 27, ended with the decision of early elections.

President De Sousa, in his statement, said, “I listened to all parties and the State Council. I analyzed the economic and social situation in the country. At the end of all this, I dissolved the parliament and decided to hold early elections on January 30.” said.

Emphasizing that “giving the word to the people is a part of democracy,” De Sousa argued that the best way to present an alternative to the budget crisis is to go to the polls.

In the meantime, the date of January 30, 2022, which De Sousa set for the early elections, became the subject of discussion among the political parties in the country.

Some political parties argued that the election date should be brought forward in order to manage the resources from the EU’s recovery fund as soon as possible.

According to Portuguese law, elections must be held within 55 to 60 days after the decision to dissolve parliament is published in the Official Gazette.

It is stated that President De Sousa, who announced his decision to dissolve the parliament, has not yet signed the decision to ensure that the elections are held at the end of January.

After the last elections in Portugal on 6 October 2019, the PS came to power by forming a minority government under the leadership of Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

On the other hand, the Left Bloc (BE) and Communist Party (PCP), which supported the government from outside, did not support the 2022 budget presented by PS, on the grounds that their promises of “increase in the minimum wage and pensions, fight against poverty and reduce VAT in electricity bills” were not fulfilled.

Costa, who is PS leader and has served as prime minister for 6 years, announced that he will lead his party in the next elections.

The latest polls published in the country show that PS will again be the 1st party, but will not be able to obtain a sufficient parliamentary majority to come to power on its own.

The polls also claim that the far-right Chega (Enough) party will increase its vote share.

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