WorldPopulation of 40 lakhs, 6 positive cases and China imposed lockdown in...

Population of 40 lakhs, 6 positive cases and China imposed lockdown in the entire city, what is the matter?


  • Jinping government panics due to increase in corona cases in China
  • If 6 cases are found in Lanzhou city in 24 hours then lockdown imposed
  • People were asked to stay in homes, massive testing continues

China has announced a lockdown in view of the increasing cases of corona in Lanzhou city with a population of 40 lakhs. People have been told to come out of their homes only when absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, government teams have also started corona testing on a large scale across the city. Those found infected are being quarantined. This week, China banned the booking of hotels in the capital Beijing to slow down the pace of infection.

Only 6 cases found in last 24 hours
The speed of corona infection in China is much slower than in many countries including India. Despite this, a precautionary lockdown has been announced. In the last twenty-four hours, only 29 cases of corona virus infection were reported in China. Out of this, the number of patients found in Lanzhou was 6. Despite this, the corona virus lockdown has been imposed in China.

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The government’s eye on the commuters in the city
Chinese government officials have said that people going out and coming out of Lanzhou city are being monitored. All the people have been instructed to stay inside their homes. Health officials believe that as we are increasing testing, the speed of infection may also increase.

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Ban on hotel booking in the capital Beijing
The total cases of corona in Beijing, once a city with zero infection, have now increased to 9. After which the local administration has again started the Covid investigation of the people. Not only this, people have also been banned from booking flights and hotels. According to the National Health Commission of China, 38 cases of local infection of Covid-19 have been reported in different parts of the country.

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People became careless after vaccination?
Corona infection was first seen in China. After which this country had a large-scale lockdown. Later, when people started being given vaccine doses, then the restrictions were also removed. From the beginning of 2021, people in China were seen gathering in big events. A large number of people appeared in front on occasions like Chinese New Year, National Day. People had also given up wearing masks and social distancing.

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China’s vaccine least effective?
Seeing the increasing cases of corona in China, people’s doubts about the effect of China’s vaccine have started deepening. Not only in China, but in every country where this vaccine was applied, the cases of corona have increased rapidly. Many countries, including Mongolia, Bahrain, Seychelles, Chile and Turkey, used China’s vaccine, for which they had to bear the brunt immediately.

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Chinese vaccine not effective on new variant
Data from many countries has shown that the Chinese vaccine is not proving effective in preventing corona infection. Especially the effect of this vaccine on the new variant of Corona is not visible at all. Experts have said that the cases of corona in any country depend on which vaccine is being administered to its citizens by that country.

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Corona lockdown imposed in China