WorldPop Cultures Discussed at TRT World Forum

Pop Cultures Discussed at TRT World Forum

Within the framework of the international forum TRT World Forum-2021, a session on the topic “Pop Culture and Opposition” was held.

This year the topic of the forum is defined as follows: “Power and Paradox: Understanding the Big Strategy in the 21st Century.”

Speaking at a session moderated by TRT World host Elif Bereketli, Lex Sounds founder Charles Burchell said the definition of pop music is difficult.

“Many directions have similarities to pop music or pop culture and are part of the entertainment industry. In fact, we can see them as a re-introduction to the masses of content that is already known and familiar to them. On the other hand, however, there are artistic expressions that offer something new that tries to change your point of view, ”Burchell said.

In turn, Professor of New York University Stephen Duncomb noted that in the past there was a clear line between elite and folk culture, but today these boundaries have blurred.

“Basically, we are all consumers of pop culture. Yes, there are people who still attend the opera, it is perceived as a slightly higher culture. But everyone watches TV shows, too, ”Duncombe said.

Lucy Moyce Ferreira, a lecturer at the London University of the Arts, in turn, said that the boundaries between high and low culture become apparent in the case of turning to history.

“However, in 2021, these lines are already very blurry and unnecessary,” she said.

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