WorldPolls closed in parliamentary elections in Russia

Polls closed in parliamentary elections in Russia

In Russia, the lower house of the parliament, the State Duma, the parliament of 39 federative regions, and the voting process for the executive and local elections in some regions ended.

Due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures across the country, the ballot boxes were closed at 20:00 local time in the three-day election.

In the election for the State Duma, 14 parties competed for 450 seats. The deputies of the parties that pass the 5 percent election threshold will have seats in the Duma.

Elections for president and governor in 12 federal regions, including the republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, Mordovia and Tuva, parliamentary elections in 39 regions, by-elections in 19 regions, parliamentary elections in the administrative centers of 11 regions and local elections in 5 cities were completed.

Ella Pamfilova, Head of the Central Election Commission of Russia, announced that the voter turnout in the country at 18.00 Moscow time was 45.15 percent.

Noting that the election was generally normal and transparent, Pamfilova said that the ballot boxes were followed by video surveillance and the system yielded 99.98 percent. Pamfilova reported on the website of the central election commission that more cyber attacks have occurred than ever before.

Pamfilova also stated that as of 17.30, 8 thousand 539 ballots were deemed invalid due to technical defects in 54 ballot boxes.


On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that more than 750 complaints were received in three days across the country regarding the voting process, which was 1.5 times less than in the 2016 elections.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reported that 38 thousand Russian citizens voted for the Duma elections in the ballot boxes opened in diplomatic representations in 54 countries.

State summit voted electronically

Voters registered in 7 regions of Russia, including Moscow, participated in the elections by remote electronic voting. While it was stated that 2.8 million voters registered for electronic voting, some officials including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Kremlin Spokesman Dmitriy Peskov cast electronic votes.

According to the Insomar ballot box exit poll released after the polls were closed, the parties that passed the threshold in the Duma elections, United Russia, the party of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with 45.2 percent, the Communist Party with 21 percent, the Liberal Democrat Party with 8.6 percent, and Fair Russia with 7.9 percent. it happened.

The turnout rate in the last election was 47.88 percent.

In the Duma elections held on September 18, 2016, the turnout remained at 47.88 percent. In the 2016 elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party, United Russia, received 54.20 percent of the vote, holding the most seats in its history with 343 deputies and remained in power. The Communist Party entered the parliament with 13.34 percent of the vote, the Liberal Democrat Party with 13.14 percent, and Fair Russia with 6.22 percent of the votes.

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