IndiaPoliticians and religious groups accuse those who speak; Pannyan Raveendran against...

Politicians and religious groups accuse those who speak; Pannyan Raveendran against the police


  • Gives criminals a chance to escape
  • Intervene to prevent violence
  • The response comes in the wake of the double murder in Alappuzha

Thiruvananthapuram: Former CPI state secretary Pannyan Raveendran has sharply criticized the Kerala police. He said police often prosecute those who speak for political parties and religious organizations.

Arrangements are often made in the name of religious organizations and political parties. It is coming more and more. That’s it. He said some police officers are people who just stand for it. He was speaking after inaugurating a human gathering organized by AIYF against communal and political killings.

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According to the list provided by the parties who commit the murders, the situation of preparing the list of defendants should be changed. This will give the criminals a chance to escape. “Political killings in Kerala are part of a covert effort by the majority-minority communal movements to tarnish the Left government in Kerala,” Pannyan said.

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There must be proper intervention to prevent murders in the country. He also demanded that the police take strict action in this regard. Pannyan’s response comes against the backdrop of the twin murders in Alappuzha.

Four days after the double murders in Alappuzha, the police have not been able to nab the culprits. Those directly involved in the murder are still at large. Police believe there was a high-level plot behind the murders of Shan and Ranjith.

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