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Police sex in an official vehicle; Noise was leaked through the wireless and officers were fired

UK: The action of a police officer who had sex in an official vehicle while on duty despite a message asking for help was controversial. A special team has launched an investigation into the incident, which has embarrassed the entire police force. With the completion of the investigation into the incident and the action taken, the incident that took place two poisons ago is filling the media again.

The incident took place in Surrey County

The incident took place in 2019 in Surrey County, a southeastern part of England. Molly Edwards and Richard Patton, both officers at the same police station, had sex on duty in a patrol vehicle in a public place while on duty. After the information came out, the allegations from the public and the police became strong and they resigned. It was reported that the two were married and had children. At the same time, there were reports that they were in regular contact.

Authorities announced an investigation

The disciplinary committee launched an investigation after news broke that police officers had sex in a vehicle while on duty. The report was delayed after Molly Edwards and Richard Patton resigned. The panel of investigators said all four allegations against the police officers had been proven. The public perception is that the work done by the officials is excessive. If they had been in the service, they would have been fired. Officials who received the report officially announced that they had been fired.

Ignoring critical phone message during sex

Investigators found that police officers ignored emergency phone messages while having sex in the vehicle. During this time they received two critical calls. The second message was a phone call asking for help following a shoplifting incident and the call to help hospitalize two people who had been seriously injured in an attack outside a nightclub. The investigation team found that these two phone calls were ignored by Molly Edwards and Richard Patton. Panel chair John Bassett said in the verdict report that the two continued to have sex despite repeated calls for help.

The sounds in the car went out through the wireless

The police officers were struck by the fact that the sounds came out through the wireless in the car while they were having sex. The disciplinary committee said it had found their sexual conversations. Their conversation was caught on a secret recording system in the car. These were seized by the investigation team. Panel chair John Bassett said in the verdict report that it was clear from the transcripts of conversations following these calls for emergency assistance that the officers were continuing to engage in sexual activity. The investigation team said that there was a serious misconduct on the part of the officials.


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